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Freemie® Deluxe Kits


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Freemie® Deluxe kits are a completely hands free breastmilk collection system.

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Product Description

**** Freemie are in the process of changing the design of their cups.  I have been advised that they may be ready by mid-late January****


Freemie Deluxe Kits allow you to express breastmilk while being completely handsfree.  The collection cups sit inside (and are held in place with) your bra.  They then attach to your pump*

By using the Freemie® Deluxe Kits you can continue doing just about anything – hold your baby, play with your toddler, continue working, even be at the beach, or walk through the shops! Click here to read an article written about them

These kits come with 2x 25mm and 28mm funnels (the part that goes over your nipple), 2x collection cup, and everything you need to attach them to your compatible pump* and double pump. The collection cups hold 230mls each.  The cups fit inside your bra and you can then wear a t-shirt or top over.

21mm inserts and 32mm funnels sold separately

*Compatible Pumps

Spectra® – S1, S2, 9 Plus, and M1

Medela®^ – Symphony, Lactina, Personal and Pump in Style Advance

Avent® – Twin electirc

Unimom® – Forte

Ameda® – Purely Yours

^Some previous customers say they work with the Medela® FreeStyle and Swing Maxi, but they have not been made specifically for these pumps.  Please read the returns/refund policy

Additional Information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 10 cm


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